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With so many recruiting firms in Tampa Bay to choose from, how do you know which one to use?  Partner with the only organization that focuses exclusively on Executive and Administrative Professionals.  Joelle Paban is one of Tampa Bay’s most well-known former Executive Assistants who was recently featured in Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Magazine for her knowledge and expertise within the industry.  Paban has recently stepped out on her own and created Joelle Paban & Associates, a niche recruiting firm ready to meet your talent acquisition needs. 

Joelle Paban & Associates brings an elusive edge that no other recruiter in the Tampa Bay area can offer. Her approach to networking and connecting the right talent with the precise position and organization is unrivaled.  Since 2014, Paban has engaged and networked with leading businesses and elite-level employees throughout the area.  She has assembled an affiliation of hundreds of Executive Assistants (EA), encompassing various levels of experience, skill sets and expertise within a multitude of businesses and professional fields.  Let Joelle Paban & Associates put their large network of EAs to work for you!


Joelle Paban & Associates offers immediate permanent placement of well qualified, highly coveted Executive Assistants using a competitive pricing structure. Let Joelle Paban & Associates introduce you to your next corporate necessity, not luxury. 


EA Direct Connect is your direct connection to local administrative professionals looking to collaborate, learn from one another and share creative, thought-provoking ideas. Created in 2016 by former Executive Assistant and Director of Administration, Joelle Paban, this grassroots organization has taken over Tampa Bay and is now nearly 1,000 members strong! 

EA Direct Connect provides unique opportunities to network both online and in person with well-respected experts in the Executive and Administrative fields, learn new strategies to support your executive team, and expand your skills repertoire.

​By joining this community of experts, you will maximize your resources and proficiency.

Annual subscriber benefits include:

  • Access to individualized learning plans

  • Mentorship program

  • Networking forums

  • Monthly webinars

  • Quarterly in-person networking events

  • Access to peer advisers willing to help you at any point

  • Access to our Easy Button Vendors who have already been vetted by the group!

  • EVERY possible resource needed right at your fingertips! 

Networking is one of the most essential things we can do for both our careers and the profession as a whole!  

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About Joelle

Joelle Paban, formerly of New York, is a professional entrepreneur with over 10 years' experience as a successful C-Suite Executive Assistant. As Founder of EA Direct Connect, a local networking community in the Tampa Bay area, Paban accurately identifies and promotes the importance of networking among A-list players who value excellence and growth.


Joelle's leadership will make your company more efficient and empower your growth!


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Former CEO

at Tribridge

"Before we started working together, I booked my own travel, made my own appointments, wrote my own agendas and took all of my meeting notes. After Joelle began supporting me for even just a few months, we were able to shift many of the unprofitable tasks to Joelle, where they belonged. I was now able to focus on what truly mattered: running the company and building the bottom line. “

Jennifer Leon.jpeg


AVP Client Services and Trust Operations at Tampa Bay Trust Company

"It was truly a pleasure to work with Joelle during my recent employment search. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. Joelle knows the importance of finding the right fit for both the employee and the employer. Whether you're looking for your next opportunity or looking to fill a vacancy, Joelle Paban & Associates are who you want working for you."

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at Wilson HCG

“Joelle and her network have always been an unstoppable force.  Whenever we were in a bind she was able to leverage the connections she has made to come up with a great solution.”

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EA Specialist 

at University of South Florida

"This networking group has helped me to meet fellow 'superheroes' in my community. It has given me a sense of belonging and a chance for growth in my career. I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals that understand what it is like to work in our field."

Carey Ann Harness.jpeg


Director of Support Services

at Trash Butler

“Joelle is so easy to work with.  She worked quickly to find us qualified candidates and everyone that came our way was thoroughly screened.  She made the process so easy that I didn’t hire just one….I hired 2.  Thank you Joelle!”




at Riddel Business Advisors

“Anyone who wants to be a superstar EA should listen to Joelle. She knows what she is talking about."

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